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Світова фінансова криза у цивілізаційному вимірі

Тип матеріалу: Стаття
Мова публікації: українська
Випуск: 2009 №2
Сторінки: 56-71
Журнальна рубрикація: Феномен фінансової цивілізації
The article contains analysis of deep civilization sources of modern financial economical crisis. The author shows the nature of crisis being conditioned by mechanisms of classic capitalism. The direct consequences of such developments are: basic overcoming of geo- economical locality; complication of labor division as a pre-condition of in equivalent redistribution of WGP in behalf of the Kernel of the World-system at the expense of the Rest, i.e. World Periphery and Semi-periphery (I. Wallerstein). Essential connection of financial imperialism with market principles of maximization, on the one hand, and the growth of financial intermediary constituent at the level of global economy, on the other hand, is also exposed. The sources of world financial crisis of 1929 triggered by Great Depression are typologi­cally correlated with the modern world crisis phenomena, such as virtualization of finan­cial streams made possible within not so much postindustrial, as namely informational society. According to author's hypothesis the unique effective alternative to subsequent develop­ment of the global crisis phenomena adds up to adoption of social principles of corporate solidarism.
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Шморгун Олександр (2009). Світова фінансова криза у цивілізаційному вимірі . Філософська думка, №2. с. 56-71.