Проба пройти крізь апорії філософського перекладу

Автор(и): Коса П’єр
Тип матеріалу: Стаття
Мова публікації: українська
Мова оригіналу: французька
Перекладач(і): Хома Олег
Випуск: 2010 №3
Сторінки: 124-137
Журнальна рубрикація: Переклад неперекладного
The main problems of philosophical translation may be condensed into five proposi­tions If by philosophy we understand the transmission of a message from the eternal Logos, it is therefore an immediate communication which needs no translation and may be considered as untranslatable. If we are in need of translation, it means that it concerns a real, i.e. indirect com­munication, passing through the arcanes of language; the translation must be as accu­rate as possible, as faithful to the original message. But when philosophy is at stake, absolute accuracy is impossible, because the trans­lation cannot be merely philological; it must be above all philosophical, which implies that the translator is himself a philosopher who bears a personal interest toward the text, the deep sense of which has to be elucidated. The translator must understand the text better than the author has understood it himself which means he has to choose between several interpretations, risking misinter­pretation or distortion. All that confronts us with the problem of the entwinement between thought and language or, more exactly, the embodiment of thought in language, as there is no pure thinking devoid of means of expression. Concluding, philosophical translation points out acutely the problems of all transla­tions. Nothing is untranslatable, although no translation is perfect, being always a re­creation of the original text.
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Коса П’єр (2010). Проба пройти крізь апорії філософського перекладу . Пер. з французька : Хома Олег . Філософська думка, №3. с. 124-137.