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Демократична леґітимність
Круглий стіл за участю П'єра Розанвалона

The Round Table with the participation of the well-known French political philosopher and historian, professor of the Collège de France Pierre Rozanvallon took place in the Institute of philosophy, NAS of Ukraine. The participants of the meeting discussed the problems of identity of democracy as a political regime during its modern history, the evolution of democratic institutes and procedures, particularly the representative and electoral ones which are studied by the honorable guest of the Ukrainian Institute of Philosophy. P. Rozanvallon had analyzed the items which challenge democracy at present and impel the democratic world to «re-invent democracy» according to modern conditions. In his opinion, this task is to be implemented in a way of (1) overcoming boundaries of majority electoral system by democratic procedures and institutes, (2) development of democracy as a social form, and (3) elaboration of world-democracy theory. The Ukrainian participants of the Round Table (M. Popovich, S. Yosypenko, O. Haran, A. Yermolenko) discussed an issue of the applicability of theories produced within the framework of the Western experience of democracy to post-Soviet countries; the actual theoretical problems of studying contemporary political and social developments in Ukraine and other post- totalitarian countries have been also discussed.
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Попович Мирослав, Розанвалон П'єр (2009). Демократична леґітимність . Круглий стіл за участю П'єра Розанвалона . Філософська думка, №5. с. 72-89.