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Апологія мудрості літератури

Тип матеріалу: Стаття
Мова публікації: українська
Випуск: 2011 №1
Сторінки: 37-48
The projects of re-describing literature as philosophy required radical extension of the notion of literature itself. The thinkers from different disciplines and philosophic traditions unexpectedly agree on the idea that literature proves to be more efficient in such cultural functions as anthropology, ethics, ontology, and truth, conventionally referred to as “philosophy”. But to make literature serve as philosophy we would call for interpretative verification, and many philosophers consider such perspective as inspiring intellectual enterprise: R. Rorty proves literature as ethics; M. Mamardashvili describes text as ontological organ; H.-G. Gadamer claims literature as direct representation of truth; and W. Iser establishes literary anthropology to reveal the stations of being and human being. All four apologies of literature wisdom put emphasis on the dynamics and evolvement of literature in terms of Representation and Performance. Philosophical treatment reveals literature as a whole and breaks the limits of esthetical judgment. Thus literature seen by a “philosophical eye” is capable to embrace all that uncatchable being and directly perform it as truth.
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Архипова Людмила (2011). Апологія мудрості літератури . Філософська думка, №1. с. 37-48.