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Справа мислення: пам’ять та відзнака
Обговорення круглого столу

An important event in intellectual life of Ukraine was the awarding of firs laureates of just founded Prizes in philosophy. The ceremony was confined to Philosophic readings Philosophy and Society: the Past and the Present, dedicated to the 90th birthday of Marina Zlotina — one of the founders of the Kyiv School of Philosophy. Such arrangements sho uld favour the development of civil society in Ukraine. Philosophy has to take a deserved place in the Ukrainian society that is impossible without realizing its achievements in the history of home science and comprehension of creative legacy of Ukrainian philosophers. Philosophy cannot be withdrawn in its professional framework and has to become a subject of public discourse, a theme for broad discussion in intellectual ranges of our society. These are the arguments of the Editorial Board of the journal “Filosofs’ka dum ka”, when they invited Ukrainian intellectuals to discuss the importance of founding the prizes in philosophy in the context of condition of intellectual tradition in Ukraine.
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Пролеєв Сергій, Баумейстер Андрій (2011). Справа мислення: пам’ять та відзнака . Обговорення круглого столу . Філософська думка, №2. с. 5-22.