Джон Стюарт Міл і традиція аналітичної філософії

Автор(и): Панич Олексій
Тип матеріалу: Стаття
Мова публікації: українська
Випуск: 2011 №3
Сторінки: 28-46
The history of analytic philosophy is traditionally regarded as having started in the late 19 — early 20 centuries. However, there was also a long prehistory, centered in British philosophy of 17—19 centuries. In an important sense, one may call “analytical” the entire mainline of British modern philosophical tradition, from Bacon all the way up to Moore and Russell. The works of J. S. Mill confirm that in his time this tradition had been already considered, and labeled, an “analytical school in philosophy”. Besides the focus on analysis, which is a methodological precondition for any application of inductive reasoning, this tradition is also distinctive in its loyalty to Aristotelian logic. The reverse side of this loyalty is almost complete deafness of this tradition to the heritage of mediaeval patristics and post-Kantian German Idealism.
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Панич Олексій (2011). Джон Стюарт Міл і традиція аналітичної філософії . Філософська думка, №3. с. 28-46.