Аналітична філософія в Україні: quo vadis?

Тип матеріалу: Стаття
Мова публікації: українська
Випуск: 2011 №3
Сторінки: 5-9
The article deals with the problem of definition of analytic philosophy as one of the leading contemporary philosophical traditions, and also reviews the perspective of its development in today’s Ukraine. Analytic philosophy is treated as one of the available choices in philosophy and worldview, one of the voices of pan-European dialogue of philosophical traditions. The article presumes that analytic philosophy as style and method is primarily oriented towards clarity of wordings and accuracy of statements, as well as towards rationality and logical soundness of philosophical argumentation. Analytic way of doing philosophy, as developed in the Anglophone countries during the 20th century, is regarded as the basic model of analytic philosophy. The article also defines in what ways analytic philosophy in Ukraine is special nowadays. The authors accentuate natural openness of the Ukrainian followers of analytic tradition to the ideas of phenomenology, anthropology, existentialism, communicative philosophy and other latest paradigms of Western- European philosophy. In addition, the article briefly reviews other articles on analytic philosophy published in this issue of “Philosophical Thought” and expresses hope that this field will be covered further in the forthcoming issues of the journal.
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Васильченко Андрій, Панич Олексій (2011). Аналітична філософія в Україні: quo vadis? . Філософська думка, №3. с. 5-9.