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Інституційні аспекти трансформації філософського знання в пострадянській Україні

Тип матеріалу: Стаття
Мова публікації: українська
Випуск: 2011 №6
Сторінки: 5-12
The thematic items of this issue of Filosofska Dumka are a kind of presentation of international interdisciplinary research project “Transformations of Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge after 1991. West-European Prospect in the Regional Context (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova)”. This project is realizing during last years by historians, psychologists, sociologists and philosophers of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. The set of expert surveys with representatives of social and humanitarian sciences of these countries are carried out within the framework of this project. Basing on these surveys data the project participants are writing their own texts which should be parts of the book to be published next year. FD proposes its readers the part of the project regarding post-soviet transformation of the philosophic knowledge and philosophic education in Ukraine. The material consists of the Vakhtang Kebuladze’s (one of the project participants) introduction and survey data revealing opinions of Ukrainian philosophers which represent different state educational and research institutions, as well as nongovernmental research organizations.
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Як цитувати
Кебуладзе Вахтанґ (2011). Інституційні аспекти трансформації філософського знання в пострадянській Україні . Філософська думка, №6. с. 5-12.