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Політична леґітимація і насильство
Круглий стіл «Філософської думки»

The round table subject was prompted by the proceeding of political transformations in Ukraine. The question is first of all in the phenomena connected with the processes of de-institutionalization with raising the status and prestige of political institutions, compromising of parliamentarism, with dangerous tendencies in forming the post-Soviet law system. That is why such problems as formation of cultural-historical and philosophicallegal preconditions of political legitimation, correlation of state governing and political recognition, violence and the nature of legitimation, democratic competition and compulsion proved to be in the centre of attention of the round table participants. Special attention was given to discussion of the role of manipulative technologies in the process of political legitimation, as well as the role of the shadow (informal) institutions as those inherent in authoritarian governing. In the course of the discussion there arose a distinct intention to find out to what extent and how can the objection to superficial character of the political principle concerning the private sphere of an individual, depreciation of values of institutional experience of democracy, compromising of the political one can cause the mass expansion of anomy as the principle of the novel forms of autocracy.
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Пролеєв Сергій, Білий Олег (2013). Політична леґітимація і насильство . Круглий стіл «Філософської думки» . Філософська думка, №2. с. 5-59.