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Політичний простір і філософський дискурс
Круглий стіл «Філософської думки»

Essential changes in the public space of philosophical discourse make the basic subject of the round table. In particular, the thought is emphasized that social networks, being a virtual phenomenon of simulacrum distribution, do not turn into the factor of democratization but only become a tool of communication strategies. Hence the question arises about democracy institutionalization. The contemporary European institutions function on the basis of consensus of regulations and dis-sensus of peoples, contradiction between political behavior and civil participation. Poor formulation of problems, excessive specialization, taboo for negative, conditions of excessive intellectual consumption and representation crisis — all that arises as a sum of epiphenomena and as a threat to modern democracy
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Монжен Олів’є, Попович Мирослав (2014). Політичний простір і філософський дискурс . Круглий стіл «Філософської думки» . Філософська думка, №3. с. 5-19.