Ідеології майдану
Круглий стіл «Філософської думки»

To comprehend the Maidan phenomenon the Editorial Board of “Filosofska dumka” has invited for discussion the participants of the Revolution of Dignity — philosophers, historians, journalists. Can this phenomenon be comprehended with the use of the steady social and ideological definitions, and does it require the change of the political vocabulary? Had the Maidan an ideology / ideologies and had it influence on popularity of certain ideologies? Maidan and political radicalism: the right-wing and left-wing participants in the Maidan — phantoms or real forces? The Maidan and the state — opposition or complementarity? How did the Maidan realize itself? Which were the principles of self-organization and activities of the Maidan? What was the religion role in the Maidan? Has the Maidan gone or does it continue? The participants of the round-table meeting tried to find answers to these questions.
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Бистрицький Євген, Бондар Андрій (2014). Ідеології майдану . Круглий стіл «Філософської думки» . Філософська думка, №6. с. 5-28.