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Війна і суспільство
Круглий стіл «Філософської думки»

The round-table sitting dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war took place on October 24, 2014. The question was, in particular, of its cultural and historical factors and peculiarities of the conflict of consciousnesses in the course of Ukraine-Russia opposition. The participants have analyzed the phenomenon of the hybrid war as anomia, outlined a rational system of ensuring national security. There have been represented the original interpretation of the war discourse and euphemisation of political leaders’ language as the reduction of truth. The myth of the “Russian world” was considered as the basis of mobilization strategies of the aggressor and cognitive structure of its strategic culture. The correlation between philosophic traditions and the method of fighting the war have been outlined. Keywords: the Russian-Ukrainian war, conflict of consciousnesses, the myth of the “Russian world”, the war discourse, hybrid war, national security
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Білий Олег, Гардашук Тетяна (2015). Війна і суспільство . Круглий стіл «Філософської думки» . Філософська думка, №1. с. 5-60.